Romania Chapter in the Global Media Finances Map Published

Media and Journalism Research Center has launched in mid-March 2024 the project the Global Media Finances Map. This initiative is designed to provide comprehensive financial, ownership, and audience data pertaining to all news media outlets within specific markets. The project has made its debut with the publication of the Romania chapter, which offers valuable insights into the country’s media landscape.

The Romania chapter of the Global Media Finances Map represents the pilot database of the project. It encompasses detailed information on nearly 383 media companies that own more than 1,600 media assets (including radio and television channels, print titles and news portals) in Romania. These companies are categorized based on various criteria such as geography (national, international, regional, and local), type (licensed, e.g., radio and television broadcasters, and unlicensed, e.g. print and online media), and topic (generalist, culture, sports, religious).

One of the primary objectives of the Global Media Finances Map is to facilitate in-depth assessments of the state of the news media within a given country. This includes understanding the financial viability of media outlets across different levels, evaluating the financial concentration within the market, and identifying the vulnerabilities present within the industry. The database offers a wealth of information that can be leveraged to gain a comprehensive understanding of the Romanian media landscape.

The Global Media Finances Map Romania is available here.


The Global Media Finances Map is set to launch a dozen country databases this year, including six EU nations and several others outside of Europe. The targeted markets for expansion include Ghana, Kenya, Senegal and Sierra Leone in Africa, Indonesia and Nepal in Asia, as well as Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia and Colombia in Latin America. Furthermore, the project aims to extend its reach to Georgia and Moldova in Eastern Europe.

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